Could your business benefit from using a Virtual Assistant?

21 Sep 2023

Did you go self employed to have more flexibility and free time but now your busier than ever, and working harder than ever before ? If this sounds familiar dont worry its very common – thats where Admin Angel can help!

Many people get to a cross roads in their business where they know they need some help but dont fully understand the benefits of having a VA .

From cost savings and increased efficiency to offloading your mundane administrative activities and access to specialized skills, most virtual assistants have the potential to revolutionize the way you manage your daily business operations allowing you time to focus your time on tasks that generate growth rather than the mundane admin!

Benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant

  • Cost-effective. Full-time PAs and admin staff are expensive, and you’ll have to provide them with a physical office to do their job in. When you hire Admin Angel we are self employed so already have our own office space and equipment!
  • Save time. Sounds simple however the amount of time you will save with recruitment is phenomenal!
  • Only pay for the hours you require. This is a game changer for a small business – start with a few hours a week and add extra hours as required !
  • Grow your online presence. Admin Angel helps many businesses with social media and updating their websites – tasks that are so time consuming for small business owners!
  • Regular reporting. Weekly updates your Admin Angel communicates with all clients – in fact we become part of the family !
  • High quality of work. We work with a lot of businesses so without blowing our own trumpet – we know how to do a lot if things! Which results in us doing things quicker ! We also often are able to give suggestions as we may be doing other things which could benefit your business!

This is just a few benefits we could go on and on however we understand that outsourcing can be nerve wracking however we promise we make the process so simple you will wonder why you didnt work with Admin Angel sooner .